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Curiosity exploration, 4-hour workdays, & digital real estate.

The Art Of Focus by Dan Koe

Find meaning, reinvent yourself, and create your ideal future. Now available for preorder on Amazon.

The FOCI Planner

Reverse engineer your vision into goals, routines, and priority tasks so you can attack your day.

The 2 Hour Writer - Paid

Implement Our 2 Hour Content Ecosystem To Learn High Impact Digital Writing, Boost Your Online Authority, & Systemize Content Creation For Rapid Growth

Digital Economics - Paid

A masterclass for creators and one person businesses. Use my Notion Command Center systems and in-depth curriculum to productize yourself in the new economy.


Build Your Second Brain

10x your creativity, productivity, and profitability.

Build Your Second Brain

Synthesize your writing, marketing, and thinking with KoreNotes – a new knowledge management system.

Kortex University

Turn the knowledge in your head into a digital career (that traditional education can’t teach) with an immersive experience designed to get unconventional results.


Explore Your Curiosity

Deep dives on human potential, lifestyle design, & digital business.

About Me

Who Is Dan Koe?

Just a human obsessed with humans.

Hey, I'm Dan.

I’m a brand advisor for 7-8 figure creators, influencers, and social media brands.

I’m the guy they come to when they feel the lack of authenticity in their messaging, vision, and lifestyleNo fancy sales funnels and pushy marketing in this household.

I help them systemize their workflow, marketing, and content so they can work for 2 hours a day, charge more, and sell their products & services without manual effort.

As a freelancer turned consultant turned creator, I’ve developed effective systems with time, skin in the game, and experience with 20,000+ students and clients.

I am not taking on any consulting or advising at this time.